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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stop Lying on the Internet

Women who express they are not just looking for sex....The biggest lie of the century..

Here is what I believe..

I believe you do as we all do, let's see usually you
meet a guy as a woman right? Then determine from there
if he is your physical type, then you listen to key
words from his mouth and keep notes regarding the
immediate conversation about relationship building.
That date may end in a kiss, Then you talk within the
boundaries of being interested in achieving that
guy..You know the calling and e-mailing..How was your
day..Fine and yours, what kind of music do you like
listening too, food you eat, school you went to,
places you've been. La la la la, days have gone by
where the planning is still in the air for the
physical companionship. Movie, Blockbuster Movie,
dinner wine usually a hotel...depending on location of
the two of you, either his place or your place, the
sitter has to be called or the kids are grown enough
to not need a sitter..all of this to claim a man that
shows you that you are the only one when you are
really not...for you to never see it allowing your
mind and sexual interest to play tricks on
each other..and now find yourself giving that man head
not knowing if he has any diseases, he is allowed to
go down on you, not knowing your status, and now you
are going along for a ride of hopefully a satisfying
keeper evening of sex evening, the funny thing is if he is
not any good, he will not last long with you....

That's why women and men are on the internet in
droves...knowing these things..

So when you meet a guy and he comes right out and
expresses that he is sexually interested, to say you need to
get to know him better is acting off of instinct..believing your are really needing to get to know him first. Where initially you are not looking for the same thing.
Some body will come along and lie to you as in the past just to
sleep with you, as you will do the same.

You will allow each other to express everything you want to hear,
as you really together talk about nothing...just your over masturbated
tendencies to qualify yourself to waste time because
like most women AND men who claim that they are not just
looking for really are..

So what is the real truth...
let's collab on this subject..

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