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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Anger, Neglect, Stubbornness, and Disrespect

I spoke boldly
you got mad
I opened my mouth
you became sad
now what if I just left
instead of speaking
and showing that I cared
for 2 hours
should I have just smacked you
or attacked you
with slurs as you sat still
quiet like a statue
I needed you to speak up
show me that you were strong
that you had a voice
not just express that I was wrong
because if I am or was
then why were you dealing with me
for this long
disrespectful my attraction
wearing the same thongs
that you wore once before for Tom
Dick and Harry
and you really thought I was
with you to get Married
How do I now tell
you how I've been
really feeling my true honest
to God thoughts of what
I really deserve
an argument about what I need to do more of
sparks my immediate nerves
so here I go
in a previous some where
within my archives of poetry
I shared with you
the world what type of woman
I really wanted and needed
I never spoke about
the desire to have someone convince
me to stay until now
and still I'm failed by

Anger, Neglect, Stubbornness, and Disrespect - 07/03/04

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