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Monday, November 07, 2005

Neglected Knowledge

I'm doing this for
the forgotten families
from which I gained the wisdom
to understand about unwanted freedom
and what it takes to be a
civilized colored man
walking this non-cultured land
governed by the Paleman
and his stale plans
to make the struggle more
convenient to deliver using
the black mailman
give me the liberty
to exercise my freedom
before I take every American
Apple Pie and eat them
what would you do?
Go back to the economic plantations
we call our offices, out jobs
bake more then feed them to
the superiors who try and succeed
to make 75% inferior
while the 25% centrically
renovates the interior
as my oxygen breathed easily
can never be stolen or contained legally
although there's is a president
to veto clean air policies
the worlds been polluted for centuries
therefore the carbonetical
air quality is unclean
although we still breathe
to inhale resulting in
exhaling nobody's believing me
maybe because of the fact
that I didn't finish college
I will always have this

Neglected Knowledge

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