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Friday, November 25, 2005

Romance in Words

In passionate syllables fluent nuances arise
Truant from disguise, through it lies the essence of the wise
Whether soft spoken from heart vocals or art focused…
The dark locust of lust noticed without words we lack trust
Soft swells from ink wells, pen quills, beseech hell
Three words change life whether written or brail
The I do’s combine with eye dews and whispers
She sighs two times as the words reached and kissed her
Leeched the blister of envy with looks and a soft trust me
Could it be that speech holds the power of love..must be
What’s the reason for sounds to bear meaning
I swear it seems that love’s words birth an air semen
Fertilizing synapses of hope conceiving smiles
Believing miles of life were laid for your speech trials
I’ve reached aisles of laughter from the seat of despair
With a carefully placed chapter of “I’m here and I care”
The romance of words can make the eager turn patient
They yearn to makeshift hate to the form of loves agent
Warm and safe it forms bonds between strangers
Speak now or hold your peace in silent anger
Avoid the danger, golden silence is hates dagger
I know the saying…..but speak now and choose later
Gifts from the heavenly father our voice is honest
Choice to garner words or employ the sonnet
Joy is onset by hello's meeting how do you do's
If you choose to open up to do you lose?
The love and light found even in post coital slurs
Is the essence of life’s meaning

Romance in Words

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