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When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hidden Emotions

Unfortunately for me
the pain that I left you with
I couldn't see
on my way out the door
right in front of me
due to the feelings
I let escape me and my
hidden sensitivity
will I ever be forgiven
or will you ever forgive me
for I am at your
unconditional mercy
my hands are reaching out
for you with love don't curse me
be my friend at least
don't try to hurt me purposely
because I might of hurt you
doesn't mean we are not worthy
to continue to prosper
starting something different
adjusting our hearts in new positions
beautiful you are my oxygen
I'm able to live because
you exist leaving me listening
and watching you
turn my world as I'm walking
you cleanse my lungs as I'm talking
I like you for you are
someone I want and to get
use to you is as nourishing
as each days my dreams
come true within your

Hidden Emotions

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