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Tuesday, January 02, 2001

So Peaceful

I think now I make the decision final
I want you as my own
My friend
Open up your heart to me
show me your way
explain to me
how you see the world
the way you see clouds
racing by in the sky
share with me your thoughts
on the sun
the resting of the oceans
Can I live righteously
on your planet?
I am willing
to put everything aside
just to grow in you
Woman nurture my heart
and protect me
inside you is the strength
that had once
help a life to breathe
I am truly aware of this
that is why you are special
if nothing else right now
I think of you
and shake when I don't
I am addicted
I'm hooked on
your appearance
your smile
The way you kiss me
Your eye contact
You held me hostage
until I died
you became saddened
and gave me another chance
by bringing me back to life
for you and only you
it might sound crazy
but this, I know.
My heart beats
the same as your heart
the way you sleep
like your equal
is the way I feel
when you are next to me
I must say everything remains

So Peaceful

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