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Friday, December 29, 2000

ENJOYING THIS part 4 of 10

From the very first time
up until now
My sensuality speaks
for the hetero in my sexual
and the way you lust
to swallow me
Don’t act tough
just spread em
Let me help you
with your bra so I can
because I know I can
The concentration
The fantasizing
everything happening
before it's happening
The premeditation
I'm good for that
I'm spoiled to the way
I with my soft lips
caress your neck
tightening your grasp
throwing me that ass
when I haven't even
felt it yet
I'm about to tame that freak
in you
just waiting for me
to take my tongue
on a committed journey
The faster you kiss
the less I can remember
so slow down
it's still December
The heat is on
let me undress you first
so I can smell
what I'm about to taste
On guard then rise
and turn around
follow me back
into the shower
I know you remember
the last episode
the steam the chocolate cream
the caramel screams
my hand needs a place
to call home
so welcome my soft knock
upon your G-spot
Woman you drive me
Got damn
I see why I was giving
the nickname Rock
I'm aroused by the way
you move
so keep moving
Don’t talk just listen
I want to hear your flavorful
I want to watch
the water glisten
remember how I took
my time with you
how wet you became
just by my approach alone
The rhythmic motion
to that number 7 EMBRYA
Maxwell Song
you remember the foreplay leading to doorway
My bed becoming your bed
My head became your head
My positioning
you were not ready for
as your hand, mouth and lips
began to self explore
the softness of my body
The coat of fur
The smell of amore
The scent of me wanting
more of you
as I play tag
with your spots
that I will connect like dots
to the most sensitive
Excited forever with you
as I keep you

ENJOYING THIS part 4 of 10

AHKMEL PHAROD 12/29/2000 2:00PM

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