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Monday, December 11, 2000

A Priceless Contribution

Why, Why, Why, Why, Why
Must I have to continue?
Why, why, does my life go on?
Everyday is torture on my soul
as each day I awake
there is a pain
that is indescribable
no definition
I look to my heart now
more than ever before
and it is unreliable
my state of mind
is in its final stages
of acceptance
My stomach is tight
My chest is swollen
My eyes burn form the contact
of the confused
and abandoned
and still I go on living
Why, Why, Why.

Should I take myself
away from myself
having no pity
or should I continue on,
accepting this pain
that I feel
when it comes to someone
wanting me but not
needing me
so much pain
so many thoughts obtained
as I'm preached to spiritually
to be treated conditionally
I'm confused
as I shouldn't be
I don't feel prayer is necessary
My pain is caused by prayer
so I wish prayer
didn't exist for me
How do I express this?
How do I spread this message
that is so important to me
and my existence,
I live because of it
and it is it that brings me pain.
My life is pain
My love is sad
For sadness is my love,
I cry through words
confusing those
that excuse themselves
from understanding my pain
with sincerity
instead of
coming to a blind conclusion
Let my smile
be only an illusion
Let my eyes
be your resolution
as you may look to
approach me with a solution
providing me
with your patience as

A Priceless Contribution

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