The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

All I Ever Wanted

It`s was the first time
The only time
I laid my eyes on you
I didn`t even know your name
I was kept safe for you
by you for 9 months
I was one with you
You protected me
I understood
then you released me
I started to cry
because I was no longer
apart of you
you allowed for me
to become detached
when we were for 9 months
a perfect match
I don`t feel perfect anymore
while you carried me
I couldn`t be judged
because I couldn`t be seen I couldn`t be
heard now I`m judged by the way I look
the way I read - the way I speak
the way I eat - the way I see
the way I do things
with this life you released
I was secure with the way you held me
I was confident by the way you fed me
then you released me, How could you?
Premeditated thoughts of how to treat me
You watched me grow so you could beat me
My life is not even my own
to bring back home
therefore I strive to succeed only to
continuously find myself alone,
remember you after you released me
failed to hold me as my life is empty
existing without comfort when all my life
from you that was

All I Ever Wanted

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