The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

This Heart I'm Giving

So many challenges
So many faces
So many women
I need just one
Just one right now
to immobilize my thoughts
My pride
I surrender right now
to just one of you
Read my poetry
as you do
Understand that I am a male
One who desires the affection
from that of a female
Lets take away this English
for just one minute
Look at what I'm doing
just to be noticed
in this world
Spreading my heart
Like I'm invulnerable
Like I'm indestructible
Always ready to make myself
the opposite of untouchable
Your eye contact
Your lips covering a smile
I believe will match
that of my own
We are the same
We have the same number
of bones
bones that can break
like hearts that are not strong
I became apart of your life
because I understood
it was where I belonged
Your mental stamina
evolving around
my universal diameter
The percentile
upon my 5th
With you it is important
that I provide
you continuously
with my words as a gift
Far better than humor
For now I'm ready
to be that man
to represent you as a woman
Everyday and every year
I'm looking to share my life
My wisdom with you
So we can start building
A better life for us
and our children
Securing a foundation
Forever and ever to you with

This Heart I'm Giving

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