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Wednesday, December 06, 2000

ENJOYING THIS Part 3 of 10

My hands upon your body
Your hand wrapped around my energy
Yeah you remember me
I’m that man that sat you on my kitchen counter
used my tongue as a whisk
took your heavenly saturations
then proceeded to motion my lips
between your hips
upon your what belongs to you and not me,
though I must admit that it is tasty
Duncan Hines chocolate
let me one more time swallow it
you know the
not what's in between
a Twinkie filling,
let me enjoy
before you have my children
I want to make sure it's safe
with no infections
Ready and willing to make that power move
arching your back with the utmost aggression
I'm tired of being gentle
let me bang you,
let me take your wrist and ankles
and from my ceiling hang you then fang you
can't you see I don't mind
becoming inside of you tangled
like a slinky
I want to be your wonderful toy
for you to enjoy
so stop holding that pillow
between your legs call on me
so I can pop you open like a keg
and drink to I became a lush for you,
I already had a crush on you,
my PHA-ROD wants to stay
stuck way up inside of you
like butter to mash potatoes
damn you make me want to
take you to my basement
where I would sadomasticake you
Leather whips and body suits
with the cheeks out
with your rainbow exposed
suspended without forgiveness
8 inches of my 603rd muscle
got you on your tippy toes
buckles fastened tight
just in case you make me explode
crème Della crème open your mouth wider
so like a doctor I can find a
better place to store my seeds
giving them a place to chill and relax
while you lay flat
on your stomach let them attach
a string from your tonsils
so that they can bungee jump from it
...and like R. Kelly
I will find someday one to persist...
I wish, I wish, I wish....
but for now before I go to sleep
I will make sure you know that
still to this day I'm

ENJOYING THIS part 3 of 10

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