The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Everytime I Think of You

New York, Brooklyn, Bed Stuy
My stoop
The conversations
of Black Power
Black Sistahood
Utica Avenue, Eastern Parkway
Home of the beautiful
City of the united
Where were you?
Many times I walked alone
From Sutter Ave
and Rutland Rd.
I walked home
I didn't see you
Quietly I survived for you
I believed in myself
Just to continue
to breathe for you
I've been blessed
The victims, the children
as I was one
One of those tragedies
A young black man
A virus
A time bomb
An oppressed bastard
with nothing
The fears
The tears
of not knowing
If I will make it to 18years
such a strong burden
from birth
placed upon me
growing up in my own city
I slept for many days
counting bullets over my head
thinking about Love
What is love?
Where is love?
Who has love?
Why is love?
All day I looked
Questioned still confused
enough to move
New area
Same thoughts
of premeditated expressions
with you
I just want to get along
with you
I just want to remain strong
Natural exchange of souls
Universally I pick you
I don't want to feel
left out anymore
Woman, take me as your own
Practice with me
Research with me
Find a better place in life
with me
Woman, today with thoughts
of you,
You’ve inspired me
I'm 26 now and I'm fortunate
to belong to your femininity
Your call
Your feelings
Your thoughts of me
I dream
a gentle confident dream

Everytime I Think of You

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