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Friday, January 05, 2001

Irresponsible Contributions

I need to understand
I need to understand
Why we fight
I wake up to fall asleep
What is it that you do?
Who is it that you think about?
As you read this
Love Poems in your life now
Soft like Charmin
That you haven't even squeezed yet
Recited to family, friends
And even your man
High power skills
Smothered by natural talent
I can make you smile
I can make you
Want to swim the Nile
For my touch
That you shouldn't rush
Cause if you do
I will retreat fast than
My lust that I have for you
Disguised by the crush
Operation performed
On your brain cells
Just to keep you comfortable
Until you start acting
Guard up attitude
Letting me leave my feelings
Way in front of you
When along you should've
Been trying to meet me
Half way
Instead of my doorway
In and out in and out
Letting my heat out
While letting your heat in
What an exchange
What a bargain
Any day now
Feelings caught
Quicker than a slow child
I'm not retarded for love
I'm retarded for what
Love is about
Again cornered
Different approach
Same position
What is a man like me?
Suppose to do
There’s no answer
But plenty of solutions
With a lot of

Irresponsible Contributions

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