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Friday, January 19, 2001

Valentine's Day

As you were
Stepping into my life
My understanding of my own
wasn't clear
Until you looked my way
Love at first sight
A crush I experienced
for the first time
balanced my thinking
A star was caught
As the night fell upon
my daydreams
A longing soul
Ready for my all
the things that have made me
who I am
A feeling of good
is the way
I would love to stay with you
Day by heavenly day
aware of your smiles
that you show me
with your heart
locking me into accepting
the best that you have to give
For as long as I live
I wish to breathe
the same air as you
Wishing you a Happy Birthday
everyday I am able to rest
My emotions upon your heart
I feel so good about you
I'm in love
and that is how I want
and need to stay
Whether or not
You present me
with gifts or
materialistic items each day
as I am dedicating my
reason for living to you
This and every

Valentine's Day

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