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Wednesday, January 03, 2001

When You Were Here

On the road again
By myself again
I’m witnessing
My lonely state
The inability to share
The feelings I have right now
I’m missing you more than ever
My steps are shorter
My awaking takes longer
Something I once had, gone
Like warm weather in the winter
I asked the Lord to keep me
In my prayers last night
for the first time spoke to me
I became afraid
I thought he was going to reveal you to me
That angelic smile your holy spirit
That I never could identified with
Until now
The Lord took his time with me
And showed me how
He showed me how to live
He opened up his heart
And welcomed me to stay
I was so amazed
By the way he blessed me
The way his entity caressed me
I felt your presence near
I started calling your name
Then the Lord shed a tear
Because I was not ready
To witness your fear
Your pain your hurt
Scorned as a woman
Whom which no body cared
I cry even more now because
I wasn’t prepared
To lose you
As I did

When You Were Here

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