The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Taking Me Up Tonight

Leaving my first worries behind
As I glide on your every contact
Your responses immediately breathe
hopes into my days now beyond that
Of my every day less the love attached
Knowing that in my heart your love will come back
You are appreciated as I have gravitated
To the attraction in which you show
That has now been initiated
and reflected by my glow
Rina, I know the world is secure with our growth
As I am here happy with both
decisions we've have made
to keep each other close
Like the way the moon and the stars
Never drift far apart in the skies
Similar to how when I look into your eyes
My teeth forms a connection
with my mind to produce a smile
So heavenly as worldly as my deja vu
My aim is to forever remain apart of you
Whether there or here I will be secure
due to my thoughts about friendship being pure
Confessing to you my soul which feels so right
Asking if you wouldn't mind in your dreams

Taking Me Up Tonight

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