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When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Monday, December 05, 2005

ENJOYING THIS - Part 7 of 10

once again we have
a new situation,
a new reason
for the awakening
of my erectation
hot loving is here waiting,
dying to capture you
for the duration,
your legs sexy upon my cheeks
as you place them,
you know
where I am going with this,
caramel dreams
I had of this moment
so please
I ask you do not resist,
my fashion
is made up of candle sticks
edible wax
melting upon your wrists
for me to lick
a trail to your lips
excited for the movements
of your hips,
for slow is the way,
leading up to your trembling,
your last orgasm
I had you remembering,
would you mind
if I stay needing you forever,
would you mind
if I take you on that erotic vacation,
I sit here
and think about the fascination
of my body upon yours shaking,
the grabbing of silk sheets,
the tearing of pillow cases,
the arching of your back
as I keep the sweat
on your body racing,
this is the image,
these thoughts are because
of the beauty of your soul
followed by that sexy body
and mind you have me constantly chasing,
by now can't you tell,
did you forget already,
you know our last session we had,
where you showed me
that your body was calling
on top of being ready,
traveling for you across these states
when you call
letting me know
that it's time
to see you in your Teddy
something I will never miss
as I look for you to continue

ENJOYING THIS - Part 7 of 10

AHKMEL PHAROD 02/13/2001 7:30PM

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