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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Last Day of School

Little Johnny ran home today
book bag hanging off
of one arm, shoelaces
on the right foot untied
he kicked
a home run after school
for his mother
during a recreational game
of kick ball
scoring the final run
Little Johnny was proud
of his job well done
almost didn't even get to play
he studied first
before all after school games
same path home he chose
same routine,
same joyous walk he displayed
day after day
but today unlike any other day
Little Johnny
was running home because
Little Johnny was afraid
no more administration
home needing to stay in order
for the approval of
Little Johnny's Uncles daughter
she his Auntie played Mother
until his Daddy
arrived from the hospital
stressed, tired and hoping
the house Isn't a mess,
Little Johnny ran home
because Little Johnny
wasn't a mess
everything he did
with perfection
as he did everything to impress
only thing that was different
about today that made him afraid
was that his mother wasn't returning
home to hear about
how good little Johnny played
to provide Little Johnny
with a big kiss a hug
and a little praise
for the good job he has had
on this particular day
Little Johnny ran home
thinking he would
see his mother one more time
before the Lord came
to awake her soul
just to take her soul
before her body could
be finally laid in the grave
he just knew he would
see his mother again
to tell her that
she was wonderful
instead Little Johnny
had to hear
that his mother past away
at three o'clock in the afternoon on

The Last Day of School

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