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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Because You Care

Half of me now wishes, that I was still there,
to love, caress, hold you and play in your hair,

with that soft scent of rasberry in the air,
keeping my nose wide open all year,

remember the long walks in the dark with no fear,
and how I spoke about the birds, the bees, and the bears,

never a day passed by, without expressing to you how I cared,
from an across the mile smile shown, loud enough for you to hear,

soft spoken words, I used as a token of how sincere,
I wanted to be received, like Santa Claus to reindeer,

you see AHKMEL, with his mic tonight has been cleared,
to serenade you once again, with his care and flare,

GO AHKMEL GO AHKMEL GO! ...............I still listen to the cheers,
concentrating on your voice to secure me of any fear,

Louder and Louder, I desire for you to appear,
because I feed off of you, for the same energy I share,

can this be all so simple, like a meal already prepared,
one bite two bites, I am feeling less than scared,

gaining weight in my confidence, I am strengthen not by your glare,
just by the focus you're showing me, that keeps me right here,

Because You Care

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