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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Journey the Expedition - 08/19/04 (w)

The walk
The journey
The expedition
The quiet
The peace
The birds
The bees
I listen
The format of spirituality
equates to my mouth
my ears
my vision
directing my sight
in God's presented direction
not to sound too redundant as now
my illiteracy is now in remission
less my Cancer
where that part of me shall stay
July 3rd 1974
examples engraved on the back of closed doors
my faith
my existence
wise and in the right position
the things I see and have seen before
enables my spirit to grow even more
so I continue to give thanks
to him for she
who became me from the womb
of her
my reason
my right
my strength
my spine
my heart
my mother
30 the biological length
still the walk

The Journey the Expedition

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