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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Still I Sit, Knowing That I Love You

You say you love me,
You say you need me,
Now you say you do not believe me.

You say you are interested
In addition, find me attractive,
Then tell me something I have not heard yet,
Without the conditional attachments,

I do not need a home, to call my own,
I need a place, where I can be alone
With someone attached to my microphone.

Someone that supports, not deports my pride,
Someone that is not looking to eject from the ride,
Because it takes two, to laugh and two to cry,
The same way, it takes the same two, to make everything all right.

I am still looking, for that Heaven, my Halifax,
I am still waiting, for all of my love, to be given back,
Just so, I can believe, that I have met my perfect match,

Seems like, to this day, that would be impossible,
When the past haunts, the psychological,
Threatening the sociological, within the chronological,

365 days, after the I love you exchanged,
Allows, a 5 minute instance of disbelief to maim
The balance of our security, wiping it all away,

Still I sit, proud to know you,

Still I sit, traveling just to hold you,

Still I Sit, Knowing That I Love You

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