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Friday, March 28, 2008

Like I Was Supposed To Do

I remember that Friday night
When I was leaving the club Love
The night when I was on that
Doing it right shit
I remember seeing this girl
With the chinky eyes
She was with her friends
Who were quite surprised
By the rules I live by
Can you believe
I told her and her girls
Where I would put my mouth
that night
How I would eat her friend’s pussy
and how I would eat out her ass
I mean where was the class
As I type I laugh
Because I am like
later for that
I was tipsy to the point
of not caring about the aftermath
I stayed with it
after doing the arithmetic
Told the girl with the chinky eyes
about how I would lick it
Then she paused
and it was like
Right then and there I was able
To smell her drawers
She asked if we could exchange digits
I obliged and proceeded to
carry on with it
like a man is suppose to do
I hit her up the next day
and not only licked her ass
I fucked the memory into
Her days and nights to come

Like I Was Supposed To Do.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely more than a memory was left that night and nights to follow are some afternoons. Damn was all that could be said! With antisipation of the next encounter!