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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Again and Again and Again

With my words and mind there is no time like the present to express myself to you...

On to bigger and better things...How about ..We`re hooking up at this hotel, you come in, I'm waiting, we start kissin and rubbin then fall to the bed still kissin passionately with me spreading your legs - starting to grind on you while I am kissin on your neck with you grippin my back cause you want me so bad - then I lift up your shirt and start caressing and kissing your breast, You take my shirt off cause you want to feel my body on yours we are still grinding and kissing passionately cause I know I would have to make you cum first where you are almost there, I can feel your woman pulsating underneath your panties she wants me up in there so bad. Then finally it happens and you cum, now we are ready for the real deal I take down your panties and work the middle like I know I can, 1st taking my finger and runnin it thru your sweet strawberry vanilla smoothie then takin 2 fingers, spreading your lips so I can see your pearl, I see it still throbbin and just sittin there waitin, where with just the slightest touch of my tongue on it sends you quivering but you dont want me to stop, so I start lickin ever so gently in little circles making you feel really good, you start rubbin my head pushin it down in there. I am just stayin in it cause its making you feel so damn good, but I'm not greedy baby, I've tasted enough for now, where it is now your turn, you lay me back and kiss on my lips around my neck down my chest letting your tits rub on me all the way down while you start to grip my man, he is up anxiously waiting to feel your mouth, you will lick him slowly up 1 side then down the other, taking him into your mouth sucking and sucking, in and out, no teeth, where I am impressed, making me feel really good, where this whole time you are on your knees on my side I got my hand up in your stuff, rubbin it and keepin it right cause you know I am bout to take it Again and Again and Again..

Just something to keep you interested

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