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Monday, March 31, 2008

Before the मोक्किन्ग्बिर्द गेट'स Here

Uh Oh

I remember the first time
I heard your voice
it was like the sound
of an angel the sweetest noise
comforting the joy of my interest
to hear more from such a princess
you made me an ear-witness
I thought you were acting sexy
until I heard you next to me
I fell in the best kind of love
the kind of love
that leaves bedrooms messy
the kind of love that exceeds
stays close and never leaves
like a memory
I mean I watched you grow
I noticed your glow
so amazingly powerful - gravitational
pulling my every emotion
my every reason for drinking that potion
Alive and well because of the notion
when it came to your motion
the movement of your songs
conquering my wrongs
leaving me with an everlasting commitment
to stay focused positive and strong
so precious you are
your everything you are
your every minute of who you are
your reason to allow me to love you
for who you are
Lost without the idea
of you not staying here
scared to love another
the way I love you dear
like the falling of my tears
when I think about another way
of making your gloomy sky clear
whether with words
or my touch sincere
which you more than deserve like the Diamond

Before the Mockingbird Gets Here

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