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Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Like This

I pray constantly
asking for direction
and guidance to understand
what I am doing

I don't want to think
that I am not suppose to
express these feelings
that are forever brewing

Inside of my body is
a heart that pauses
just for the acceptance
of a woman's human

Her sanity of desire
from Mr. Right-Away
Mr. Immediately
Mr. Drop-Everything for you


not look back on the
reasons why things didn't work out
because it will
only be the love I'm reviewing

Over and over and over again
keeping the precious memories
of the smiles and the hugs
that really kept me moving

Into her direction
but how can this happen
when there is no response
to what it is I am doing

Like catching a falling star
just to present it
to who she is
in the form of a New Man

A soldier trained
by the word
blessed by the first
observed by the third

Confident enough to caress
the second that may not
receive the type of attention
that will never be worth

much more than it is what it is
before and after discussing
the emotional bliss
caught by expressions

Just Like This

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