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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Last Time I Checked

These Events were Recorded and Scripted to welcome
Those interested in me as a Universal Man

Day One...

We stared then gazed
She suddenly approached
My universe
The recognition was not there
Still I spoke
Words of a different man
Was not for her to understand
So instead of staying
She slowly ran
I’m safe once again

Week Two...

Same place same time
Vision a little clear
Still not interested
So I didn’t even threaten
My eyes to stare
Soft Hi and Bye exchange
Turn around disappear
Happy I am once again

Day Fifteen...

DeJaVu’ celebrity status
Brand new shining tonight
With plenty of clues
Peripheral the same physical structure
I vowed not to touch her
So I touched her friend
Friend fell in the most unorganized position
Look at me pimping
Knocking two chickens with one bone
Who do I think I am
The future
Is me
I at the same time
Simultaneously making 2 women
Smile for me unconditionally
At the same time
No sex just passionate kisses
For the 2 of them
No sex
So I said good night

Day Eighteen...

Outlined finesse
The mood is more than set
Sat patiently as she exercised
The frustrations from off of her chest
So I sat and listened
Understood she became vulnerable
But to whose avail
She was celibate
Oh, My! What have I gotten myself into?
I’m sexy, I look good
Thank you for the information
Back to my apartment
She’s become intoxicated
With my touch
Drunk with greed
Out for what to achieve
Spent the night
She’s not celibate anymore

The Last Time I Checked - "An Oldie But Goodie" 4/8/07

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