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Friday, March 21, 2008

I Am Not Interested

Its times like this that
doesn't come as a shock
or surprise
after looking deeply into
your pretty eyes
I wanted to share with you
my thoughts as always
the way my mind races
like children down hallways
as easy as it is
for me to project
my thoughts rhymically
I must say that at this
time I am finding it
the most difficult yet
Even now as you start to
wonder why
a tear rolls agressively
down the right side of my eye
I am into you
as I am
however the truth remains
as still as my voice vocally
and this is all due to
you not being my girlfriend
I mean I know we like
one another or is it just
the way lovers pretend
until the end
you know after you have
found that special someone
to make you smile
that special someone
that will also make you frown
for me if you haven't heard
I am as free as a bird
therefore if you don't know
what you want from me
then you can have back your curb
because in that type of relationship

I Am Not Interested

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