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Friday, March 28, 2008

From The Get Go

My words are simple in the form of stimulation
- easy to understand - easy to faction
pit me against the rest -
would be less than satisfaction
I aim to please because it once dawned on me
how pleasing is something I do automatically normally
whether you know me or not
I still know how to hit that spot
without touching you - or rushing you
cause I am never pressed when it comes to
removing the dust from you
so I will play safe and ease my way in
before even thinking about crushing you
I am not a player - I am more like a lover
who has been the 1:00 AM in the morning woman savior
the elevator believer
back of the jeep or car misbehaver
disease free knowingly never gave her
or them or they what ever whenever
my approach stays clever - in any weather
ass cheeks on that ice trail blazer
or side of the road sexual path maker
the splickity spunk spanker
the freedom to be that morning fresh cup of Sanka
down the throat chamber
slowly smooth protein shake painstaker
can't help if I got it like that
had it like the first brim before the hat
the sun before visor
it's like when I hear no it gets me hyper
makes me liver - than any Baltimore Wire
the surface is here and now
cause I keeps on faces of those who know
endless smiles
after traveling those miles
a frequent flyer mileage holder
pulling the Hertz rental car over
not waiting until later Casanova
who shows up with a performance that would
even make Heather Hunter or Ron Jeremy pull over
So la de Da de Da
is what I hear when you say what you say
the way you want to be innocently stalked and chased
never that Sis - my arm doesn't twist
and my stamina stays at 100 percent
you aint making me work for shit
especially when it comes to any sexual experience
I'm gold the melted kind
the diamond still not found in the mine
the I know what you are doing for real to mankind
and still I will prevail - while letting my mind sail
above those that attempt to curtail
my style - my male - my hetero
my skills I will never let go
when it comes to - getting what I didn't really want

From The Get Go

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