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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brand New, Uninhibited and Sexual - Day One

Introducing myself to the latest version of the music program I use to make beats....
FL 2008

Walking minding my business
while looking business
you know the three piece
with the hat and matching cuff links
the patent leather Stacy's
the cologne from Macy's
A.ll D.ay I D.ream A.bout S.ex
in my look and walk for sport
this young lady walked by me
looking at me like she saw Jesus
I was on the celly
not really paying mind
to how this young lady felt me
until I heard the air whisper
how I was a good looking niggah
she said I as I thought she said
stopped for a moment
then turned my head
to look back and ask her
what was it she said
where at that time she walked
up on me quicker than weed to Dreads
about 5 foot 8 with a pretty shape
had me thinking for a second
about how the happy hour
I was going to could wait
I shared myself as she was
more concerned about my health
nose running and shit
no tissue and shit
but still I proceeded
to do what was needed
as she stood there looking
at me shook with amazement
after 10 mins she
gave me the number
then asked if I would slumber
I was like Damn!
this girl made me wonder
about how and why after just meeting her
I was about to be put up under...
Politely I declined with a smile
and said that I would see her
some other time
as she obliged I knew it was sublime
the way I do that thing I do
it's like a spell cast by some type of Voodoo
left her with a hug
and a kiss on the cheek
then watched her ass buckle at the knees
and knew right then and there
soon this young lady I would stimulate
relate to on that intimate level
good enough to eat
3 weeks pass by
we chit chat on the fly
one argument later
I was about to say goodbye
because of how this young lady
was trying to get all fly
telling me that I wasn't making
the necessary amount of time
to spend by her side
I was like shit
I didn't even hit it
and this young lady
is now acting like a chick
I am not even trying to get with
yelling and screaming
I thought I was dreaming
when she hung up the phone
then called back to apologize
then started fiening
initially I explored the reasons
to capture this young ladies breathing
by telling her that I was still interested
in another possible meeting
she agreed then from there
we met in about a week
looked into each others eyes
and witnessed the freak
met at DuPont Circle
sat at Ben & Jerry's
and talked about circles
yeah you know circles
I was checking her
while she was checking me
feeling on my
don't make me hurt you
she once told me that
it better not be small
I didn't at the time reply
because I'm more mature than before
chuckled then told her
that she would be alright
and then came that day
when we met and
I pulled it out in front of
Ben & Jerry's in broad day light
she peeked then stared
told me to put it away
then she said lets go
and I followed her away
to a building down the street
where she had to go
schedule an appointment for dermatology
we road up on the elevator
kissing as she was out loud wishing
that I could leave work early
so we could go fishing
I was like damn you like the bait
as she grabbed the bait
I kissed her lips
while caressing her face
then her breast then her ass
and left her displaced
until the doors opened on the elevator
I continued to stay with my eyes the chase
into the office looking like a couple
I patiently waited knowing
that we were going to leave soon
to getting into some more trouble
left the office then took the stairs
not caring if someone
would be frequenting there
I grabbed her threw her
up against the wall
then moved her to the right
before she had a chance to fall
touching not rushing
pulling as I am blushing
belt unfastened
I knew I was about to start crushing
or smashing in what ever type of fashion
Birds and Bees acting
her eyes are rolling
and moon walking like Michael Jackson
pinching on her nipples
with the piercings
she's hotter now and wetter
I knew based on what I was hearing
jeans soaked through her panties
that I thought she wasn't wearing
Oh me oh me oh my
I love being that on the fly guy
as she loved it too
enjoying her new friend that wasn't
trying to become her new boo
because I only was interested in
doing what a man does
when it comes to having a clue
about how to be

Brand New, Uninhibited and Sexual - Day One

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