The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Friday, February 09, 2001


Shinning brighter now
I see I have your attention
though still divided
I feel the Love I have for you
is not in contention
Calling me Crazy
Woman I'm only crazy
for you
Crazy for your smile
Crazy for the passion
that day by day
shortens the distance
between our miles
one day some day
better yet today
I am here to let you know
that no one needs
you more than I
Inspiration is You
in my life and my thoughts
where ever I go
so many feelings
you have into my life brought
as everything I do
has an extra effort
put forth,
very, very much
for your confidence
in my touch,
Doesn't it feel good?
My late night voice
as my long distance choice
I keep my throat my moist
I want to express
and express
leaving no room
for unwanted stress
let me be your only stalker
infinite love enforcer
you know me
to the 7th degree
I will never stop sharing
with you this poetry
so look out because
I'm far from over with you
I've started something
however in actuality
I'm just getting started
I wish you could've seen
the Atlantic Ocean
after I parted it
beneath the sea
lied the most exquisite imagery
Red diamonds surrounded by
Purple rubies outlined in gold
Scribes of stories untold
Love poetry 1billion years old
even now I search for
different words to describe
the ambience left behind
inside of my mind
which also reminded me
of your smile
as well as your


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