The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Friday, February 02, 2001

An Egyptian Mile

Another day passes
as I'm finding strength
within the masses
the knowledge of the afterlife
keeps me understanding promises
I've made to myself
the streamline internal
skyscraping unconditional
tunnelistic approach I take
upon defining my love
as a miracle, reshaping hearts
The life I lead is contagious like a virus
my happiness is similar
to the effects of encephalitis
9 million miles squared
I'm still unprepared
to become more than
the sun shining
on a deserted island as I wish
to always share
my feelings
100 billion inches long
by 100 billion inches wide
mirrored by galaxies
and undiscovered planets
I seek to orbit
like your tender love
I await to fall from the sky
my hands are out
palms facing upward
as I'm more than ready
to catch a smile
wider than

An Egyptian Mile

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