The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Monday, February 19, 2001


There is a heart
that has had your name on it
since the first day
I threw my eyes your way,
Therefore why does it rain
on my parade
every time I walk out in your shade,
I become afraid
because I still have
My mentality enslaved
with the thoughts
of not being able
to take you with me
to my grave,
I walked the miles
that your love paved,
I opened doors to new life
that Jehovah again gave
His sun who is named
because he shines like one
Confessing to you a promise
that I to myself I have made,
dealing with why I'm nervous
when it comes to you
and your spirit
which is sweeter then marmalade,
Slowly I become engulfed
in your attention
and your diversified complexion,
You are like a dream
I'm stuck in,
as well as a picture together
we are stuck in,
Nervous, because I'm still
in your eyes
short of perfect
and I don't know
how to deal with that
I keep looking back,
I mean I keep looking back,
your eyes once bright,
now closed to my flight
as I still exist just enough
for my life
to accept me
allowing me to continue this fight
to survive life,
do you understand
that your womanhood
has to be more than
what you think,
the same way
I look into your world
without one blink,
Interesting you are
but I know that
what I feel toward you
there is more,
Happy for you is I,
along with the fourth eye,
which allows me to see
the way you really feel
about my world, my sky,
touch me my lovely Butterfly,
want me my lovely Butterfly
as my sentiments
are merely innocent
however the way I feel is permanent,
escape your dimensions
for a moment to help me
with a needed self cleansing
as I am reaching out
for that excitement
you've once shown me
which I found


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