The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001


Suddenly the security
appeared from out of
the spirit of you
All my life I have waited
for this moment
to share the reason
I would fight love for you
as you are more than love
as love for me is more than
what is actually known
Packing my bags
without hesitating
when it comes to you
and only you
This feeling
is truly remarkable
I don't ever want it to descend
As in my dreams
I am able to fly
but not high enough
As in the world
the level of me wanting you
is not defined enough
and this I know
A chance is what you
have given me
now watch
what I do with it
Everyday in my right mind
I shall never go left with it
The other night I looked
to the sky
and the moon was crescent
as this will be
the 1st quarter
of the reality of expressing
My original love
followed by
My 2nd quarter
Subliminal love
then empowered by
My 3rd quarter
Criminal love
stealing you away from
Your own love just to keep
the promises in orbit
which brings me to
My 4th quarter
Indivisible love
leading back
to the 1st quarter
which again will be
the most important
introduced and known
to you as


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