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Monday, March 26, 2007

Here, I Am

Cheek to Cheek
I remember seeing you again
for the very first time

My heart paused as my tears fell
not visible to the human eye
just God's Eyes

Where I every day continue
to thank him for
providing me a safe passage to you

To my Heaven, My Angel, My Love of all Lovers
where after receiving
so much of your telephone love
I just had to be closer

Feeling beautiful beyond matrimony
I felt no longer lonely
knowing that someday if I applied myself
I would be your one and only

presence felt as the airplane approached the runway
with a touch only lovers feel when in love
as I was wanting to leave my bags behind
just to not have there be any further delay

I did however pack light, remember
remember how it was cold and not even December
and there you were your presence
and your embrace that was so tender

and that is the reason why I am
what I am because of you
permanently in your life to remain
that is the reason why I came

to be that husband
that best friend
that man that I will need for you
to understand

as I am here for your advantage
and not to damage
because my goods, trust me are good
and will never like my love vanish

so please release, relax, relate, rely
and respond to this loving man because
it is only for you

Here, I Am

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