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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This Brand New Start

I never thought I could miss
someone as much as I
find myself missing you
I miss your eyes,

the way they would twinkle
when you laughed
or how they would light up
the moment I stepped into your view

I miss the life in them
and the wisdom of someone
who has knowledge to share
I miss the sound of your laughter

and how it would make
my entire spine tingle
whenever I said
something funny or silly
(which was most of the time)

From deep down in my heart I feel
Your soft and loving touch
For me you have that sex appeal
That's come to mean so much

But sex is not the only fact
That keeps us both together
It's how you care and how you act
When troubles we must weather

I know that I can count on you
And know you'll understand
even when and if I did something wrong
You'll be there to still hold my hand

I give this verse of love to you
The way I gave my heart
Upon the day we said, "I do"
Till death when we must part

The things that God gives are too numerous to say
He's been so good, don't you see
So many good friends, His love has no end
And now He's given you to me

My life was so drear, I had no one near
To share all my hopes and my dreams
Then you came a long, filled my heart with song
Now I know what love really means

I'll spend my lifetime being thankful you're mine
I'll be the best husband you could ever dream of.
Daily I'll pray that God leads our way
As we strive to reach Heaven above.

Today we become husband and wife
To be faithful partners for all our life
We know in our hearts that we will be
Bonded together for all eternity

Constant friends standing side by side
Blessed by God, man can never divide
To stand by each other in sickness and in health
Supporting our family in poverty and in wealth

We pledge our love through joy and sorrow
Prepared to weather all our tomorrows
We promise to love without reservation
To always forgive without hesitation

We vow to protect from harm and distress
And always be patient in times of stress
For as long as we both shall live
These are the gifts that we have to give

May God bless us
and keep us safe in his heart
As today we give our lives

This Brand New Start

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