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Monday, March 26, 2007

Special to Me

Remember the early morning
I'm about to get deep
remember me waking you up
from out of your deepest sleep,
Remember the way I whispered in your ear,
"good morning"
I will take my time with this one,
the electrical currents
from the room will empower me to hold onto
your interest like I'm really supposed to,
I'm in love with what I do for you,
the way I soften your skin
as my words not only move you
they also rub you the right way,
I must say look into you,
like I look into your eyes
and market my emotions on the double,
I just shed a tear because I can't
have you the way that I really want to,
deep breaths I have to take
just to keep me on pace,
to succeed in putting
that smile on your face
again and again,
picture myself removing all boulders
just to clear a path to my place
where I would
I don't at this time think it would be
appropriate to expose that side of me
although I must admit that my....
at night is warmer than
an open book of matches..
Fur softer than
a newborns eye lashes
and now I will stop,
because I would want to be there
when on your knees you dropped,
as I would allow you to place them
on my hands and kneel cheek to cheek,
in front of a gentle-man
I want to feel your heart as it beats
as I can't stop
this on going fantasy
of forever keeping you
satisfied with me,
so remarkably,
this verbal voodoo will continue to keep
that spell alive for you especially
because you are very

Special to Me

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