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Sunday, March 25, 2007

With Me

If when the time comes
for the imagination to end, let me know,
If when the time comes
for us not to be friends, let me know,
right is not how things are going for me
due to how I approach life so aggressively,
and still I BREATHE softly, no stress, no tension
I keep going wrong, no matter what I do,
maybe I should just keep my thoughts to myself
instead of trying to guide them through to you,
but there is only one question
I have if I may ask you,
Will I be able to BREATHE softly,
as you are so beautiful?
Okay, I will cut to the chase
and express myself so boldly,
allowing you to really get to know me,
then what do we do,
and how are we are suppose to really feel
if this is about keeping it real,
keeping what real?
I'm a little confused now
I'm beginning to feel
some what out of place and used now,
not to worry because it's always
my fault and why?
Is it because I can't be I?
and still I continue to try,
To share myself is no mystery
there are no degrees
or extreme levels of difficulty,
I just want to dive
into the hearts of those
I find move me in a way
that's hard to explain,
and that's where I begin
to see truthfully how much I mean
to the people
who share their feelings

With Me (Composed March 12, 2001)

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