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Monday, March 14, 2005

More Than Enough

Just can't believe my eyes
sometimes when it comes to you
as on a scale of one to a hundred
will never amount to you
the way you are so beautiful
I'm missing you once again,
as you may have thought
my feelings were just for pretend,
I have grown strong with you
as I now long for you
to touch and caress my heart
like the, wait...this just in
I've been wanting to share this with you
from the very start..."so here I go"
I sit here and think about
swimming inside of you,
I think of how I can
just quietly enter you,
my blood flows south for you,
as my mouth is watering to taste you,
I'm so nasty - I want you
to pour your life inside of my mouth,
I want to look like those idiots in those
got milk ads - got juice?
or shall I say cream,
I would like to freeze or better yet
consider saving it, because what will happen
when you are not around?
I may be in need of it,
no one can do it better or like I can
leaving me wanting to become addicted to you
because you are

More Than Enough

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