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Monday, March 14, 2005

Conversations Beyond Conversations

I'm not here to disguise
the way I feel about my world
I have things on my mind
a lot of them relating to why there is
still the improbable pertaining
to maintaining a civilized relationship with mankind
why must we breathe to unease?
Taking even our last breath to cause stress
always looking to hurt because of our fear to work
Why must we be lackadaisical
in our socialistic approach
when it comes to we as an undivided
though decided class of people,
when does the God Factor take in affect?
When does forgiveness run out?
I need help - therefore I seek help,
I am not afraid of those that are not afraid of me,
I have issues that I strive to conclude,
I said, I have issues that I strive to conclude,
whether with myself or with someone of myself,
I'm not out to be taking the wrong way,
I feel that it happens when someone doesn't
want to take the time to get to know me
instead control me, and rob me
of my intellectual approach to converse on
topics that leaves an uncomforting feeling with my mental
analytically hour after hour
I find myself able to bring substance
into a creation of a different relation,
then I relax my mind looking
to receive knowledge of a new elation
waiting for a creative and different response igniting

Conversations Beyond Conversations

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