The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Monday, March 14, 2005


It's you and me again,
My friend - you are,
So recognize what you
Have discovered in a
Different man by accident,
Patient lover
I want you to listen
To the fantasy in my voice
The temptation in my accent,
Woman pay more attention
Then you have paid before
And I'll give you more
Than you've bargained for,
Leaving you with no
Other reason to continue
On to explore the empty voids
You have already endured
Never shall that enter
Your mind as I once again
Reach for that spine,
That I caressed gently
With my poetic thoughts
Tranquilizing your body
With my mind,
I am in charge once again
To bring you close to my heart
Securing your worries
Right from the start,
Where the only worries
Are relating to how happy
And satisfied I continue
To keep you, addicted,
So come get it cause its here
Anytime and anywhere
For you to get it, because I am


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