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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some People Should Not Take Pictures

I am only stating this because in my heart I believe on children and people who work really hard on their appearance should have their pictures taking, especially with a nice camera and not a camera phone. The pictures don't ever come out nice. Also fat people, men and women, who wear tight clothing should just stop it. I mean if they are trying to create or establish an illusion they are not doing a good job. I believe they should be proud of their excess and wear clothing that compliments their shape or size. Taking pictures should be a NO NO, because the pictures will never be appealing - REALLY. And unattractive people should also know that they are unattractive. For Heavens sake, STOP THE INSANITY...Susan Powter...

Pictures should be only worth one word, when they are taken by people that lie to themselves and continuously welcome the lies of others. Like for instance if you take a picture and you don't think its attractive and share it with someone that begs to differ, you should immediately tell that person, that they don't have to lie. I know this would be a hard thing to do, but believe you me if you do find the confidence in yourself to secure your inner circle, doing this will weed out those that have had something to do with why you are doing what you are in the first place - like posing and taking pictures knowing that you shouldn't be taking pictures in the first place.


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