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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Must Haves or Must Needs

They tell you that its not about money or material things
but it is.
They tell you that its not about having or needing this or that
but it is.
It's what's programmed into their minds from early childhood via societies insensitive
At times I disagree to agree based on the motive behind the overall attraction,
however it took me to realize by constantly hearing the same words being used
in reference to what's not needed because I already have it myself.
I believe this is the most redundant thing a person can say that is so untrue.
Which makes me now agree to disagree with why people choose to give themselves to others
they believe have what they need.

Supporting documents that you can google, I will start with Michael Jordan who was feared as the
most sought after complete male figure alive during his LIME. He secured a relationship with his wife, had children, had financial security, had psychological problems like a human male would.
He was unfaithful to his wife, she stuck around, then she deported herself from the relationship, because he know longer had respect and a heart to give her. Have you heard about her as of late, who she's dating, who she remarried. NO, because it was never about her, because she didn't HAVE what Michael Jordan NEEDED. She disappeared and was replaced by someone who did have what Michael Jordan HAD, and what Michael Jordan NEEDED. This was just a quick point, and not so much an analogy.

For years, I've been wanting to ramble about this topic, and I now have 400 stories to blog and share with those that will come across my submissions.

Personally, I get it and will forever keep it, that's why I have been able to succeed beyond compare. I next to God will always make the rules and never just do more to acquire someone's poor excuse for and emotionally attached relationship. I technically believe that women are not here to be loved. I believe women are here to be caught, gathered, used and disposed of, after their worth has been appreciated then depreciated. Like a woman who marries and not have kids out of wedlock. I just love the word wed-lock. Even when this takes place, what is the true worth of the woman during this process? NONE really because her marriage will not last due to the pressures of the SOCIETAL AFFECT.

Rambling on....women who don't experience this are like jewelry hanging up in a window that you always see no matter how long the stores been in business. They look nice on display, but are they worth the investment or purchase. Maybe, but let me ask this who owns only one piece of jewelry.


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