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Monday, August 08, 2011

Not Into Kissing

Why would I want to kiss a woman
that just got finished slutting herself out to a man
or men that doesn't want to be with her.
I think that's nasty and I respect myself
better than that. I figure the harder it is to learn
the more effort I will put in to studying the actions
of a woman's ego and desperate attempts to getting a man
but not keeping a man. NEWS FLASH - slutty women don't
secure men, just will get added to the rotation.
Don't complain about knowing your truth, accept the facts
then look to change if you are not going to benefit from
the overall experience.

The more you date the more you leave yourself open to kissing
a slut. Women who date are usually dating more than one guy,
kissing one guy, missing one guy, and having sex with more than one guy.
I find it very interesting to hear women emphasize the need to date to
get to know a man, when that's not what you are doing.
To get to know someone period takes a lifetime, and with this
attained knowledge, I will never fall victim to those that continue to
be so repetitious with their lifestyles when it comes to serial dating.

And oh yeah, personally this will also keep me from just kissing random women.

Even when I was a victim, believing that I needed to date and kiss women
I took out on a date for them to continue considering me to date, I was immediately
turned off by the inexperience or lack there of. At times I would plainly just say I am
no longer interested or just float away like a cloud passing by, knowing that I am also
just another random guy found passing by. So in the end there would be know feelings lost.

No more kissing, means just that, as I would rather hold the hand of a woman, before kissing her
sperm infected mouth, and that's how far I will go with my intent to share my thoughts on this matter.

But wait there's more, less shocking revelations pertaining to kissing women, and why I am not interested. LIPSTICK....FLAVORED....GLOSS....All of these are not attractive covers to experience for me. I don't wear them and don't wish to experience the chalkiness, sliminess, or stickiness on my lips at all and will ALWAYS refuse to kiss a woman or have a woman put her lips on me while wearing these. Personally, I don't think on the average they make some women attractive just fun to look at like a clown. "Make up" period is repulsive to me when not worn appropriately. I am not into kissing women looking like a clowns..

Just Not Into Kiss Women who fit into the above categories.

I am also guessing that all women fit into the above categories.


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