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Monday, August 08, 2011

Sex is a Business

You are traveling to be with a man
that only wants your over abused body
misrepresented figure.
You have to get showered, do your hair,
put on your lingerie you've already wore
for the last guy. I find this pathetic
because it is so true and so you.
Where's the integrity or does that even exist
in women anymore. You do all of this for a man
that is not yours to call your own. WTF

You get cinderella pretty listen to your mirror lie to you,
show up to be entertained by a man that already has put an
expiration date on you. Believe the facts...You will never be the
only woman in a mans life if you are traveling to see him.

We look at you as trash and you don't even know it.
We look at you as the desperate women you claim you are not.
We will stroke your egos and tell you that you are pretty, sexy
and beautiful, just to have sex with you, have you put your mouth on
our genitalia, and treat you like the trash you are. There's no escaping
these facts because they are not fiction, especially if this is something you've
done before. Honestly men are not really worth the trip, we don't care and
will never care. Its not in our DNA, we are not built to care, this is why
we will never change. It doesn't matter about what you look like, what you have,
how much you have, or what you can do. Think about porn stars...You will never see
one male porn star only performing with one woman porn star, or vice versa.

Just thought I'd put it out there.

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Anonymous said...

The message must be said, although I feel it sad that it does!