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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Hell Within My Mind

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Similar deceptions

I once heard that after the rejection
I was the one being played without protection
I wasn't shit while being fed plates of hyper-tension
discovering the greater reason to honestly have to mention

I am living in a world where heroine addicts are intelligent
drug dealers are relevant
Gay people are significant
and poor people are hypocrites

Everyday I find myself spinning the wheel of life
hoping that it will land on another day of strife
so that the pain and trouble unseen in the light
will now be captured by the lost Eye of Trife

Glossy perceptions ruled by the unkind
20 20 now equals 249
divided by the square root of the
dumb, deaf and the blind

Tests are still given
less the lead No 2
which is now hidden
beneath fingertips of children

caught up in a world of virtual mass destruction
dedicating less time to verbally pass instructions
on How, What, When, How and Why
2 minutes is more than enough time

especially if used by those who are inclined
far removed from the binds
of such negatively affected minds

1 comment:

HyperBaby said...

A realistic view on every level, that most would not admit or discuss!