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Thursday, August 11, 2011

1500 and no more Counting

I am seriously done with having sex because I've reached my goal.
I have also never been truly fulfilled or satisfied.
The only time I've been satisfied sexually was with a 55 year old woman from Argentina.
She embraced my soul and allowed me to connect with her intimately.

I know this will never happen again, because its not suppose to happen again.

I am afraid of involving myself physically anymore, due to the lies and continued desperate attempts by women who are still going into every single relationship half ass backwards.

My mind has been made if you are reading this because you have GOOGLED ME, please move on to the next guy that will treat you like the slut you are, whore you've become, and unfit parent that is far from a role model for your own child or children.

When you learn to respect Gods Eyes, then you will be ready for a relationship with a REAL MAN as he will be ready for a relationship with a REAL WOMAN.

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Anonymous said...

It is refreshing & real to read a man stating such facts. People subsitute sex for happieness. Although while in a relationship, you want to satisfy your partner, the sexual act is only a small percent of it! To wait is essential for many reasons, unless thats all you want. A connection, while having sex, is more than just sex, it is an act of love & souls connecting! As mentioned, your soul was emnraced, that is to celebrate!