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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Consequences and Whatdafucions

If you are way beyond your years and make-up will not save you, and all you may have left is a revealing outfit and a pair of heels that still hurt when you wear them, but because they are cute you "have at it anyway" AND continue to demolish your toes, I vote NO - ON VOTE 53.


Old and Unattractive women should not be allowed inside of clubs, restaurants, places with ambiance, lounges, pubs and any and all places with alcohol. If they will be turned away at the doors of these establishments, the level of hating would decrease as well as the confusion. When a person is inebriated their vision becomes a little impaired where they can not focus on the illiteracy, hard lines, wrinkles, missing teeth, extensions, over and under applied make-up, beat up hands, undone nails, hammertoes, corns and such.

Men in this case are looked at as subjects that can be tricked, mislead and manipulated much more seriously than when they are sober. There will also be less bastard children produced and brought into the world. Where instead of having traces of Grey Goose, Alize, Courvoisier, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, and Hennessey in their blood streams, they would have traces of oxygen and be sufficient with the proper and appropriate nutrients necessary to live and sustain a healthy pediatric lifestyle into late childhood.



Anonymous said...

That should be a commercial for condoms!

Anonymous said...

VOTE 53...NO! I agree, even from a womans point of view, you should conduct yourself like a lady & have a realistic view on yourself & actions. Its all about the HOW! Same with the Picture blog.