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Monday, December 03, 2007

Walking With You

Composed by Delicacy.....12/03/07

Daylight entered the dark room
through a parting in the curtains
It was trying to wake us, but not succeeding.
Just to be sure you were not a dream,
and our lovemaking from last night was real
I backed into you, felt your body.
I think you wanted the same assurance
because you put your arm around my waist,
and pulled me even closer.

So sleepy we were still,
when you began to tickle me
I became annoyed,
and tried to push you away,
you would not stop,
and when your tickling
turned to caressing
you knew I was helpless,
could not resist your touch,
and so you touched me more.

My gentle moans and movement
encouraged you and soon
our rhythm was identical.
Your hands moving to places
they had yet to explore,
how was that possible.
I reached around
and let my fingertips touch
whatever they could reach,
God how I wanted you.

I felt your flesh
tingle beneath them and then
felt how hard you had become
I didn't want to break
the gentleness of the moment,
but I wanted to scream.

You were reading my mind
or perhaps listening to my
breathing when you parted my legs
and from behind thrust forward,
but it was when you
reached around with your hand,
and let your fingers loose
that I knew I was
melting into a pool
of exquisite beauty
my body a mass of sensation....

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