The Rebirth of Fashion

When fashion takes a break it sits down and takes a picture.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


10 steps backwards
I took to understand
How to walk side by side
Born with wings
Just to glide
Excited to share openly
Experiences I shall never hide
From my day because
I might have to
Reach back just for direction
On how to move forward
Like I’m supposed to man
I told you already
Through the text
That I’m focused man
What part did you miss?
I believe it was the part
That you use the left side
of your brain to assume with
Dumb Ass,
You must enjoy the feeling
That’s why
You are always
Before others find your own


1 comment:

delicacy said...

Early AM

These hours linger
like a virgin's awakening
my tongue thrust into
a coffee cup, busy chasing marshmallows on a sea of cocoa.

The heady smell
of your cologne
still embracing my skin
tickling my nose,
and I don't want
to wash you off.

I long for the scent
to linger like the sound of our
"good-byes" whispered
on your way out...

into the world,
into the morning,
as you left me.

While I lick my lips
and taste the sticky sweet,
I think of the way
you were breathing
by my feather soft descriptions
of the way I was about to...

I always like filling
your head with verbal
Polaroid snapshots
just before it happens.

Wearing your shirt and nothing else
my tongue back at sea
I submerse my upper lip

of how I'd rather be melting
in the depths of your mouth.