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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Type of Love

I am going to go back with this one
Back to the year of Love
I remember everyday writing
I remember everyday smiling
Oh how it felt so good to Love

Every word constructed
To form a poem was dear
Within this year
I composed with my heart
While smiling ear to ear

Moved I was
Touched I was
Caught up
In this thing
Called Love

The long talks about
The long walks about
Romance was so high
As in the dedication
To with her to reach the sky

So delighted
To be next to Love
So flattered
By every attempt by Love

Points taken as received
I cherish the thoughts
Again once caught up by love
Amazing capturing my reasons
For Loving the Love out of Love

Drifting even now
Because of how much
I miss the Love of out of Love
The Passion, the Faithfulness
The Succulence, the Tastefulness

Mmmm…something like fresh mango
In the morning
Mouth watering pineapple in the afternoon
Lusting for love to strawberry spoil me
In the evening

Using that time to show Love
How much I appreciated the abundance
Of sensuality by the touch of Love
Real love, not rushed Love
For play Love, doorway Love

Lights on love, that right on love
That black sweat love
Smelling like cocoa love
Strong, thick thighs Love
Opened eyes Love

Red room love
I remember that type of Love
The biting, the climbing
The pulling, the moving
The licking, the removing

That butt naked Love
Free love, Confident Love
That shake what Yo’Mamma gave you Love
That you got me calling your name Love
Needing to experience you in the rain Love

Park bench Love, Laundry room Love
Arena handicap Bathroom Love
Movie Theater Love,
Bosses office on the desk type of Love
In your Momma’s Kitchen Love

That different kind of Love
That I once experience kind of Love
With such a lovely, radiant, sexy, atmospheric
Love kind of Love
Never afraid to share with me Love

Type of Love

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